International Programs support

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Alexander Scholarship Fund

We made an annual donation of $400 towards this project to Assist the International YMCA

Brotherhood Fund

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Alexander Scholarship Fund

We contributed $300 towards the Travel and associated costs for the Brotherhood Fund

Time of Fast

Alexander Scholarship Fund

Roll Back Malaria

We contributed $700 towards this project for the year 2020

Roll Back Malaria

Find out about these Projects

Roll Back Malaria

$400 was contributed to this world wide project to eliminate malaria.

Find out about these Projects

Find out about these Projects

Find out about these Projects

You can find out more about these projects by clicking on the About us link at the top of the page


$26,000 External Refurbishment of Building completed


The Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat's Major project to refurbish the external parts of the Building have been completed.

The refurbishment consisted of the following,

Repairs to plumbing 

Repair and restoration of Foundations on the West side of the Building

Removal of peeling paint

Sealing and minor repairs to surfaces of the Brickwork

Painting of External Walls

Some new external Signage

The works carried out were funded by the Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat and overall costs were close to $26,000. 

These works will see the building in good stead for the next 20+ years.


Club Donates $1500 towards the Food Share Service

Vice president Ted and Club treasurer Ron seen here presenting Cheque to Bendigo Food Share representative Cathie

Historic dragon Event

Club donates cost of Tee Shirts for Yar Loong

A number of members of the Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat assisted in carrying the Night Dragon “ Yar Loong” in the 2019 Bendigo Easter procession. The club sponsored the refurbishment of Yar Loong back in the 1990’s following damage in the late 1930’s at it last outing before being refurbished. This was a very special occasion as there were Three Imperial Dragons on display.

  •  “Loong” nearly 120 years old and this was his final ever appearance in public display.
  •  “Yar Loong” the 80 something year old and also possibly the last ever outing also.
  •  “Sun Loong” the 50 year old dragon that replaced Loong.
  •  “Dia Gum Loong” (big gold mountain) 120 meter long dragon made his first official showing to the public.

The three Imperial Dragons lined up at the fountain in Bendigo with Yar Loong (carriers with the Y's Men’s logo on the shirts), Loong, Sun Loong & Dia Gum Loong


$5000 Cheque for Kangaroo Flat Pool

The Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat   has donated $5000 towards the construction of the New Kangaroo Flat Well Being and Pool complex.   President Ted, Secretary Wayne and Treasurer Ron met with representatives from the Bendigo Bank Kangaroo Flat Community Enterprise Foundation.


Disaster Assistance

We have donated $1000 as part of our commitment to supporting Communities both local and International. The current donations are for Drought relief in Australia and for the Flooded Communities in India.


Share the Dignity

The Kangaroo Flat Y Service Women are taking part in “Sharing the Dignity “Project where bags of Goodies are collected for Women in need in our local community. This is part of the “It’s In the Bag Christmas Charity Campaign  #itsinthebag.   

There are 85,000 homeless women who need your help this Christmas. Many have fled domestic violence or experienced extreme poverty. We want to make them feel special. You can help. It’s simple and it makes a big difference in a woman’s life.

Contact the Y Service Club (Women) if you would like to help.


Bendigo Youth Choir

The Kangaroo Flat Y Service Women donated $500 to assist the Bendigo Youth Choir.


Rightous Pups

The Kangaroo Flat Y Service Women donated $500 to assist the Rightous Pups Program.

Member Jennifer  with grandson Micka visited the Lockwood site of Righteous Pups to hand over the Cheque for $500 to Kellie and Jim the dog to assist with this excellent program..

 Pictured : (L to R ) Kellie, Jennifer, Jim and Micka  

Find out more at

$3200 Annual Community Donations from the Y Service Women

The following Community Organisations benefited from the work of the Kangaroo Flat Y Service Club Women in 2018-19

 The list include;

Smith Family, L'Arche Community, Bendigo Youth Choir, Annie North Centre, International Y's Service Project, Alexander Scholarship Fund

Time of Fast and the  Roll Back Malaria Project