$1000 donation by club


As a result of Coronavirus COV-19 pandemic, it was decided that GP required protective wear in their own clinic. The issue with this was there was no single use gowns available. Supplies of single use gowns are being kept for Hospital and COV-19 Clinics which meant doctors in their own clinics had nothing. Even around 27th April, Dr Brendan Murphy admitted that the National medical stockpile has no gowns. 


 In late March Dr Nicole Townsend and Dr Kirby White, decided they needed to do something, and it was expected that places could reach peak numbers with the virus in a matter of weeks. Gowns for Doctors being their initiative Dr Kirby White and Dr Nicole Townsend decided to start a community project to make 1000 reusable gowns for General Practitioners in Bendigo and broader regional area 


The  $1000 donation from Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat, is enough funds to make 75 gowns. It is expected that each gown will be used for 6 months that is around 120-130 times per gown. This equates to around 10,000 single use gowns, which are not available.

Becky Johns Kidney Foundation

The Club recently donated $1,200 towards this worthwhile Cause. Pictured is the Certificate of appreciation from the Kidney Foundation of Australia


Recent Guest Speakers

Talking about Bendigo City Services.

What you need to do to get into Aged Care.

What you need to do to get into Aged Care.


We had an excellent talk by and questions session with Councillor Rod Fyffe on the current happenings that were occurring in Bendigo. Rod impressed members with his knowledge of Council operations.

What you need to do to get into Aged Care.

What you need to do to get into Aged Care.

What you need to do to get into Aged Care.


Karen Mose from Royal Freemasons Bendigo gave a very detailed and enlightened view of the intricacies of establishing a place in Aged Care Facilities. We had a number of Y Service Women who also attended on the night which was great as well.


$2500 Information Technology Upgrade

Recently the Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat completed a $2500 project to upgrade the Information Technology in the Y Community Building in Kangaroo Flat.

The Project saw the installation of a large screen Interactive TV , Internet connection and WiFi Capabilities throughout the building

Pictured is the Area Asia Pacific President Hiroyuki Tanaka using the facility during a recent Australian Region Convention for Y Service International


60 New Chairs for the Y Community Building

In a joint project with the Greater City of Bendigo and the Y Service Club of Kangaroo Flat 60 new chairs have been purchased and installed in the Y Community Building in Kangaroo Flat.

The council provided just over $4000 and the Y service Club contributed $2000 to this upgrade.

Pictured are the new chairs being used during the recent Australian Regional Convention held in the Hall

Club presents $1872 to Smith Family Organisation


Maris Culka one of the National Councillor's for View clubs Australia visited us and gave us a very informative evening talk on the Smith Family and View Clubs. 

As a result of her visit the Club decided to sponsor a child in an ongoing relationship with View Australia and the Smith Family.

Briefly the Smith Family  Organisation provides long term educational support for disadvantaged Australian children and young people starting in the early years and carrying through to year 12.

 VIEW is a leading women's national volunteer organisation, providing the opportunity for women from all walks of life to meet regularly, establish lasting friendships and help disadvantaged Australian children through supporting the work of children’s charity, The Smith Family.  

Pictured is Club Treasurer Ron Presenting Maria with a check for $1872 as contribution to the the ongoing support for 3 children in the program.